How to take part

Get ready for a truly unforgettable experience

Make your shave a super success and most importantly, heaps of fun


Will you be shaving?

  • We suggest clipper length No.1 or No.2
  • If you're opting for a lslightly longer 'do', choose No.3 or No.4.
  • Lots of men choose to shave their beloved beard,  moustache or sideburns.
  • Banish the mullet or the comb-over!
  • For health and liability reasons we don’t recommend blade shaves down to the skin.

Not shaving?

  • Got a long pony tail or man bun? Go for a bold new look by chopping off your locks
    (then go one step further and shave the rest of it off!)
  • Colour your hair using non-permanent hair spray that washes out the same day.
  • Cinta Intense Hair Colour Sprays are ideal and are available from all good pharmacies. 
  • You can also try hair chalks - they wash out easily as well. You can buy a pack here.

Snip tips

  • Get creative - add glitter or flowers to your hair.
  • Or even style it into a bizarre hairstyle for a day.
    then shave as your big finale.
  • Wax your legs or arms, or if you're a guy your back or chest (ouch!)
  • Wax your legs or chest!
  • Already bald? Use face-paint to get creative!

Shout it out

Here's how to get the ball rolling

Add some personality to your online Shave Page

  • Take a before photo and post it on your page
    Your sponsors will be more generous if they can see your smiling face.
  • Write something about what you're doing an why
    People will read your words every time they visit your page.
  • Post more pictures, videos and thank you's
    Your page has a timeline - a bit like Facebook. Your sponsors will be more generous if you keep sharing your shave journey.


Sponsor yourself.

  • Kick start your fundraising by sponsoring yourself
    It's a great way to encourage others to give when you've already backed yourself.
  • Be as generous as you can
    Give $50 and others will feel they should give $50, too!

Announce it on Facebook

  • Post your brave decision on social media
    Once you've told all your family and friends, there's no backing out!
  • Share the link to your online Shave Page.
  • Post regularly about your your shave and how your fundraising is going
    Always use #worldsgreatestshave.
  • Create a Facebook event to get everyone excited
    Encourage friends to keep donating to reach your goal by posting regular updates in the countdown to your big day.


Get Appy!

  • Ask all the people in your phone contacts by SMS
  • Post photos with previews of bizarre hairstyles
  • Keep track of your goal
  • Set up a countdown to  your shave.

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