At School

Have an extraordinary experience by shaving and colouring your hair at school.

How to shave at your school or uni

Get sponsored to shave or colour your hair next term

Your school can join in AT ANY TIME.  

Hold your event in December so your hair can grow back during the summer holidays!  

Don't wait till 2018, start planning your school shave right now!

Sign up, click 'I’m taking part in a team' and choose 'Start an Education Team'.
Sign up your school 

Many schools raise huge amounts of sponsorship especially if someone they know has been affected by leukaemia.

Encourage your teachers, principal or school captains to shave during a special assembly.

Set a target for your whole school. For example, raise $200 and one teacher shaves, raise $500 and all the teachers shave, raise $1,000 and the principal shaves too! The amounts are up to you!

Not everyone needs to shave. You can use temporary hair colour which washes out the next day if you're not-so-brave!

We’ll provide posters, emails, online fundraising pages and links to Facebook to help you raise the big bucks.

Invite everyone to join your team by email, put posters up, post invitations on social media and send texts to your friends.

Include the details of your fundraising in the school newsletter to parents.

Create your own tasty chin-faces! Quickly make 100 and sell them for $2! That's an easy $200 cash.

If under 18s are taking part you must get a consent form signed by a guardian AND a teacher.

Consent Form


Funky Hair Day

Ideal for primary schools, kindies and child care centres.

Hold a day when everyone creates funky hair styles just for the day!

Bring a $2 coin and make your hair as wild and wacky as you can. 

Anything goes!

Scrunchies, colours, spikes, waves, curls, toy animals: visit your local dollar shop or discount store to find silly things to put in your hair! 


Do something funny

All our special kits are gone for this year but i​f you'd still like to fundraise and get involved at your school - call us on 1800 500 088.

It's for a good cause

The money raised by primary schools, child care centres and kindies helps the Leukaemia Foundation to look after people with blood cancers.

About blood cancer


How the money helps

Why shave